The short answer to this question is YES! Clean the property.

The long answer is: There is a LEGAL and MORAL answer to this question.

We’ll give you the LEGAL ANSWER first: (we are, after all, a LAW firm)

If, during a pre-settlement inspection, the house is found to be in poorer condition than when the buyer viewed it, the buyer could quite possibly make a claim against the seller.


We don’t like wasting money, so we advise all our clients to clean their homes before moving. (Or rather, once they have moved out).

Morally, you should clean your former home because it’s the right thing to do.  And because Karma is NASTY.

Imagine meeting the removalists at your new home to discover that the former owners, who aren’t as houseproud as you are, hadn’t bothered to clean the house completely before they left. Not great.

While dealing with that oh so disappointing start to life in your new home, at least you could be comforted knowing that Karma is NOT going to get YOU.  Why not?  Because the new owners of your former home would be having a better time in the thoroughly clean house you left them. And that’s why we leave a clean house.  Because it’s the right thing to do and because it’s NICE.

So, about the actual cleaning.  Grrrrrr.

Here are some CMB Property Cleaning Tips:

  • It’s much easier to clean an empty home than a furnished one, because you don’t have to clean or work around the furniture and you can more easily see any dust, cobwebs and marks. Only clean once all the furniture is out.
  • Work methodically from room to room, cleaning from the top down: include curtain rods or tracks, light fittings, ceiling fans and air-conditioning vents.
  • Clean the shelves inside wardrobes and cupboards, taking care in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen cupboards
  • Make sure the shower, bath, vanity, mirrors and toilet sparkle; it would be thoughtful to leave behind a roll or two of toilet paper too. NICE
  • Give the oven, range-hood and cook-top lots of attention, especially any burnt-on residue. Use cleaning products that are purpose-designed for any specialty finishes. Think sparkling.
  • Thoroughly clean spots that are normally hidden, like inside the fridge alcove and the carpet under where the beds normally go.
  • Remove finger-marks from around internal and external doors, clean screen doors, sliding window tracks and any windows that need attention.
  • Don’t forget the garage: clean inside any cupboards; dust, wash or wipe down the garage door, inside and out; sweep or hose the floor; and remove any oil stains from the floor or driveway.
  • Remove all rubbish from the property, including garden clippings, and clean the rubbish bins.

Lastly, leave the instruction booklets and any current warranties for fixed appliances such as the oven, range-hood, cook-top, air-conditioning system, security system, and spa or pool filtration system, as well as garage door and gate remotes and instructions.

Do It Do It DO IT!  You’ll feel so good when it’s done.

The experts from CMB Lawyers are happy to give you the benefit of their extensive experience in helping a great number of clients successfully settle the sale of their home and smoothly make the transition to new ones.