Congratulations on purchasing your new home!

Now all your attention needs to be directed towards the MOVE.

So much to do, where to start??


CMB Conveyancing have put together these 10 handy hints to ensure you have got all the important things covered in the lead-up to moving day.

  1. Start clearing out: It is time to go through all your belongings and see if there is anything you need to chuck or sell. Make sure to arrange with the council if you need larger unwanted items to be collected.
  2. Get quotes from removalist companies: Always ask your friends and family first for referrals to removalist companies.  Generally, word of mouth referrals are reliable. Once you have selected your company, book your moving day, and get your boxes and packing materials ready.
  3. Organise building and contents insurance: If you have purchased a new home, your mortgage provider will require you to have insurance before you settle. It is best to shop around for the insurance that suits you best. If you already have home insurance, make sure to tell your insurance provider of your change of address.
  4. If you have car insurance, change your address: Make sure to call your insurance provider to change your address so that your car is covered from the day you move in.
  5. Arrange to have your mail and postal subscriptions redirected: You can easily redirect your mail to your new address online via the Australia Post Redirect Mail link HERE.
  6. Make sure to let the appropriate people and companies know about your change of address: This may include your:
  • Friends and family
  • Bank and other financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Gas and/or electrical company
  • Mobile and internet provider
  • Accountant and solicitor
  • Doctor and dentist
  • Superannuation provider
  • State and federal electoral commissions
  • ATO
  • Children’s schools or daycare centres
  • Employer
  • Driver’s licence and vehicle registration authority in your state
  • Any subscriptions
  • Any reward or loyalty programs
  • Any online stores you use regularly
  1. Arrange for your final meter readings: and transfer your electricity, gas, internet, and landline accounts to your new address. Water too!
  2. Change your locks: As a safety precaution, it is always best to change your locks at your new home and make sure all your fire alarms are working properly.
  3. When packing, label all your boxes clearly: This will help when unpacking at your new house. It is also a good idea to have a box set aside for all the essential items you might need straight away. This may include items such: remote controls, toilet paper & toiletries,  phone chargers, tools, medication, snacks and furniture and appliance instruction manuals.


Hope these 10 handy hints help! Let us know if we missed anything[email protected] – it happens!

And best of luck to you on your move. Enjoy settling into your new home.