Uncomplicated Conveyancing – Buying or selling property can be a stressful time. Exciting, but stressful. So much to do, so many forms to fill in. Critical dates and complete information overload.

Help is at hand! Our smart solicitors at CMB Lawyers have created a conveyancing checklist to assist you every step of the way, taking out all the challenging bits so that your settlement is smooth.

And it all begins with a click.

The checklist is your guide to buying or selling your property. 

It will make everything else make sense.  Refer to it often.  And enjoy the learning that comes with buying or selling a property.  It really IS very exciting.

Remember, always…  We are here to help, no matter what. We KNOW property.

Simply print the checklist, stick it on your fridge and start ticking in the DONE column.  And before you know it, Settlement Day will have arrived!

Because Conveyancing can be challenging.  But not with CMB Lawyers.

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Conveyancing Process

July 28th, 2019|0 Comments

What is conveyancing? Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land from one person to another. In Queensland, the entire conveyancing process is governed by several pieces of State and [...]